Introduction of fuel tanker trailer and safety Mar,09 2022
The fuel tanker trailer can be said to be a huge monster on the road. The huge HOWO tractor truck with powerful 420 HP engine .The Power from Tractor truck through pulling to driven the fuel tanker trailer. The structure ( fuel tanker trailer with tractor truck) have strict requirement for the driver when reversing and turning.

The big capacity (30000 liters to 50000 liters ) fuel tanker truck is made of fuel tanker trailer and tractor truck. The fuel tanker trailer can be make to 2,3 and 4 Axle. In East Africa market, The 3 axle Carbon steel fuel tanker trailer is used most. In Southern Africa, The aluminum tanker trailer is more popular, because the weight limited and strict road regulation. In Western Africa, the 4 axle fuel tanker trailer is common. Normally the fuel tanker trailer will install the airbag suspension with lifting at first axle to reduce the tires wear.

The cargoes carried by tanker semi-trailer are generally high-risk, flammable and explosive, highly corrosive or polluting, chemical waste. The materials of tanker body are also different when transport different items. For example, if transport alcohol, chemical drugs, the tanker is generally made of high-strength stainless steel, the thickness of up to 5 mm. If transport hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, high alkaline or acidic corrosive liquid, generally made of plastic, tank The thickness is between 10mm to 20 mm .For Africa market, especially for Zambia the sulfuric acid tanker trailers is made of carbon steel or stainless steel with a v shape design, which make a lower gravity center and ensure the safety driving. For the tanker semi-trailer, there are multiple layers of barriers inside the tank to prevent leakage, including safety devices such as high-pressure leak detection.

The safety of fuel tanker semi-trailer is very important.The huge tanker body easily to make a blind zone when driving.Also the caro carry by tanker trailer is high risk.Once the accident is happen,it will cause great harm to surrounding people and the environment.And bring huge loss for the transporters.So it is very important choose a good fuel tanker trailer.

The safety maintenance of fuel tanker trailer and truck also important, not only for the maintenance of the vehicle transmission system, auxiliary system and brake system, but also need to a careful inspect for the sealing performance of the tanker and the accuracy and sensitivity of the tanker safety inspection device.

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