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Lowbed trailer transportation,abnormal transport introduction Mar,09 2022
Lowbed trailer transportation, also called abnormal transport. The service is mainly supplied by heavy duty transportation companies, construction companies and rental companies.
It may not common than the flatbed trailer container and bulk cargo transportation, and fuel tanker trailer petroleum transportation. But it is a very important part for the transportation industry.

What kinds of cargo can you use the lowbed trailer to carry?
Normally, the lowbed trailer can be used to carry the machine and some Irregular large cargoes, Like heavy truck (e.g., Tractor truck, Buses and special vehicles, etc.), rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, agricultural machinery( such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paver, cranes etc. and wind turbines ,pipelines, bridge beam, steel cage constructions etc.
The dimension and payload of lowbed trailers also have big difference when you choose to transport different cargo. The SUNKSY TRAILER can design and produce the lowbed trailer as the length, width, height and the weight you need, they can make the trailer in a size and payload which can very suitable for the cargo you will transport.

The advantages of lowbed trailer transportation
1. Are designed with the solution of problems such as load capacity, height limit, maneuver or loading-unloading.
2. Low Beds are capable of being extended according to the size and weight of the load to be carried.

3. In addition to the hydraulic sliding ramp feature, it is available in lowbed vehicles in the solutions that facilitate the maneuver.

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low bed truck trailer supplier
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