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Semi Trailer Driving Guide Jun,08 2022

Semi trailer as a heavy cargo transport vehicle, the reversing skills are a lot to learn, semi trailer is linked to the back of a section of the truck, which increases the difficulty in the reverse truck, in the operation, to consider the position of the wheel, but also consider the position of the tanker and the angle.

Semi-trailer model determines the semi-trailer vision limit, in the trailer and there is a line of sight blind area between the truck and trailer, unable to see the trailer wheels and angle after tractors.At the time of semi-trailer astern, preferably around the vehicle a circle,observe the situation around you carefully.It's best to back up when instructed,so that we can effectively avoid the happening of the accident. Under normal circumstances, semi-trailer transport will have two truck drivers, can exchange driving and take a good rest to a safer driving.

In the semi-trailer reversing, we must master a good sense of direction, to carefully identify the distance, observing while reversing, although people have a pair of eyes, but can not observe the two directions of the situation at the same time, can only observe a rearview mirror.Someone has to reverse the car while directing it. At the beginning of the reverse,do not put the direction too dead, to avoid the brush to the edges of the corner in the reverse, as soon as possible to guide the semi-trailer body to the right over.

Do not be anxious when backing up, anxious mood is easy to affect the backing up, if others are urging, do not be impatient, to keep calm, take time, safety is ultimately important. Semi-trailer driving requires that the driver's driving skills should be extremely high, and the assessment of the driver is also very strict. For new semi-trailer drivers, we must often consult experienced drivers, and it is best to ask the master to teach hand in hand.

How do semitrailers turn

As a large truck, semi-trailer has some driving rules that are very different from small vehicles. In the training of semi-trailer drivers, it will be pointed out how to avoid turning around when causing violations. The following three situations should be paid attention to by drivers.

1. Common-sense misunderstanding: "no left turn" crossroads banned, motor vehicle cannot turn when there is a turn left ban logo.some owners think that intersection only ban left without turning logo is allowed to enter, but this is a misunderstanding, usually unless the intersection has special instructions, otherwise prohibit intersection turn left means turn prohibited.

2. Semi-trailers must not turn at railway crossings, crosswalks, bridges, sharp bends, steep slopes, tunnels or dangerous sections of the road. It is important to note that the crosswalk mentioned here refers to the crosswalk in the middle of the road.

3. When the center line is a solid yellow line, in addition to the intersection, if there is no sign and mark forbidding turning, the edge grinding is also allowed. In particular, it should be noted that whether the center line of the road is a solid line, whether it is a single yellow line or a double yellow line, means "do not turn". Semi-trailer drivers should also be aware that there are individual roads marked with "yellow virtual lines" : one double yellow line is solid, the other is dotted, which means that overtaking and turning are prohibited on the solid side, while overtaking and turning are allowed on the dotted side. Semitrailer driver training will have corresponding driving rules and regulations, these need to pay attention.

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