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Sunsky trailer : 4 Tips To Maintenance Your Trucks Mar,17 2022
The regular truck (like HOWO tractor truck, tipper truck, tanker truck) maintenance is important for promote your operation efficiency and the road transport safety. The maintenance can help you to ensure the safety of your driver and trucks, it also play an important role in the road protection. It can improve the fuel consumption, reduced downtime, and increased productivity which help you to keep the trucks in good working status.

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Check the tires

The truck’s tires should be checked at least once a week.
1. Make sure that the tires pressure is compliant with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. Checking the wear of the tires. The tires need to be replaced before they are worn down to ensure maximum traction.
3. The tires should also be rotated regularly so that they wear evenly.
4. Check the tires for lumps and cracks regularly. You can also inspect the side-walls of the tires for bulges.
If the tires aren’t properly maintained, they will wear out faster and the truck’s stability on the road will also be negatively impacted.

Check the steering
The steering should move freely between locks and the steering wheel should be free from cracks. The pipes must be inspected for leaks and for damage from stones. Check underneath the truck for oil leaks. Similarly, there should be no fluids leaking out from the undercarriage of the truck. Checking the truck’s steering is an essential part of proper truck maintenance.

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Check the engine oil and filter
You’ll need to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine how often the oil needs to be changed. The engine needs clean air to operate properly so it’s important to change the filter at regular intervals. Proper care of the truck’s engine prevents damage to the engine which can avoid big amount repair cost.

Keep the truck clean

Removing dirt helps to protect the exterior paint of the truck. The undercarriage also needs to be cleaned frequently. If you travel off-road, it’s necessary to clean your truck after the trip. It is easily to make the truck maintenance. Especially for HOWO trucks (include Tractor Head, Dump Truck, Tank Truck). You can set up a schedule and ensure that all the important checks are carried out regularly. Not only will it improve road safety, it will also save you the time and money for the operation of long distance transportation.

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