The Design of Sunsky LPG trailer Apr,01 2022

Sunsky Lpg Trailer is made of two parts: the tank and the chassis. The main pressure components are the tank body, head, manhole cover, flanges, bolts,it can also be designed to transport liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, liquid argon, liquid carbon dioxide and other media. The tank is made of steel and its external insulation layer and pressure jacket tanker.
The SUNSKY LPG TRAILER will be equipped with safety accessories such as rupture disk device, emergency shut-off device, electrostatic device, safety valves, pressure gauge, liquid level meter and a thermometer unit.

The design of an LPG tank have much consider about the weight. When design the LPG tank trailer, SUNSKY TRAILER will always to ensure:

1.Weight balance to enhance stable towing
2.The weight of trailer stays within the maximum weight follow the standard strictly. Typically, this refers to the gross vehicle weight also commonly known as the permissible maximum weight.
3.The adaptation to different model tractor truck.
We have two standard LPG Trailer for your option, one is Chinese standard, another is American standard (ASEM standard).
As a specialized in the LPG trailer, we have exported more than 100 units to Philippines, Thailand,Vietnam,Tanzania ,Peru etc.

LPG tank trailer

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