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The Price of Semi-trailer in China had been increasing and it will take for a long time Apr,02 2022

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The Price of Semi-trailer like 40ft flatbed container semi-trailers in China had been increasing and i afraid it will not be decreased again in the future

The biggest biggest reason is the cost of raw materials(steel and parts) had been going up up up due to curing pollution in china.

On 6th,April.In the largest national-level inspection on record, more than two dozen cities in north China will face a strict one-year inspection over air pollution prevention.About 10,000 polluting companies were ordered to suspend production or shut down by the end of June.

The seventh round of the year-long strict inspection on air pollution control had been completed by July,20th.It affected including:the rubber and plastics manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, coating and spraying, plywood, packaging and printing industries.

So what is the uniting factor for these diverse commodities?The environment.

With the government putting pressure on inspectors to shunt down polluting factories,mines,and processing facilities by September.

And China will soon launch a new round of central environmental inspections covering eight provincial-level areas,including Jilin, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces.

As the reuters reported in Beijing,China:"environmental inspection have caused great impact on iron ore prices,the whole supply chain has been affected by the inspections"

So the rise may still continue,and the price of semi-trailer will also be affected for a long time.

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