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Trailer-made solutions Nov,23 2017

While overloading is a major problem on the North-South corridor, the general specification of exported trailers are not always altered, with the tyres and suspension largely the same as those whose use is confined to Africa roads.

Many local trailer manufacturers supplying cross-border transport operators tend to stick to South African rules and regulations in terms of trailer length and weights, too, since many rules and regulations have to be met and police clearance obtained. This is according to Mr.Edward in Sunsky Trailer Co.,Ltd which had exported a number of trailers into Africa .

In the experience of Sunsky trailer company, operators on this corridor prefer rigid-type trailers. There is strong demand in Zambia and other SADC countries for side-tippers. Containing manufacturing costs is proving to be a challenge for trailer manufacturers at the moment as steel, axles and spares used in their construction are all imported.

Sunsky brand trailers are manufactured in china, they has various parts suppliers and specialist trailer workshops and mechanics, which are certified by the company to carry out repair work.

Mr.Edward says the used trailers business is doing well at the moment in Africa. But Sunsky brand new trailers are more durable, heavy duty payload and high efficiency , he adds.

“Generally, we make heavier, more durable trailers for cross-border operators to deal with road conditions and heavier loads in Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, says Edward. “We prefer to use older-design trailers with special channels and side rails for added robustness,” he says. For Sunsky, popular trailers include side-tippers, flat-sides, drop-sides and tankers. “

Transporters going into Africa generally want trailers that are simple to repair, with availability of spares being important – hence the use of ABS air brakes rather than EBS, and dual tyres instead of single tyres.

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