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Trailer tech ensures a frosty reception Apr,02 2022

A range of new technologies are being used inside refrigerated truck trailers in China.

Some of these technologies include thermal dividers and partitions, and air strip curtains, which are fitted to the rear doors of refrigerated trailers. “Sunsky Semi-Trailer manufacturer uses high-density foam in panels for maximum thermal control,” says managing director Edwin.Zheng .

Refrigerated trailer insulation in China, in general, continues to improve through the introduction of the country’s first dedicated thermal chamber, which is similar to what is used in Europe. Having a test chamber in China is good for the local refrigerated transport industry as it means the issue of trailer insulation will receive more attention in the future. With the introduction of the thermal chamber later this year, there will be a new yardstick that will assist in measuring refrigerated installations.

The use of air suspension on refrigerated trailers further reduces the level of vibration on the road surface, which reduces the amount of damage to fresh produce.

Air suspension comes into its own when transporting sensitive cargo, where adjustable heights are required or with special applications. If the return leg of a journey is undertaken with an empty trailer on bumpy roads where no ballast can be added, then it may be worthwhile to purchase an air suspension trailer to avoid excessive bouncing,However, air suspension costs far more in capital expenditure and is more costly to maintain and repair in the event of damage.

Further road securing measures, such as straps and shoring bars, also reduce the likelihood of damage. Most local trailer manufacturers offer a wide range of securing devices.

It is possible to monitor the temperature of trailers remotely, Zheng.Edwin says. “Remote temperature monitoring is popular in Europe and is now growing in China. We have partnered with the leading local specialists in this field of temperature monitor. There are practical benefits to installing remotes; they proactively identify the temperature and ensure the product is delivered at the correct temperature.

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