Why HOWO trucks are so popular in Africa? Mar,17 2022

Are you in a transport or logistic business now?

It is a popular trend to operating your own trucks instead of hire or outsource.

Operating your own trucks can reduce the delivery time. It can also make your cargo transport safer and easier to manage.

When operating own fleet, It is important for your fleet operation to choose the suitable trucks. You may have seen many HOWO trucks in African road already, such as HOWO tractor truck, dump truck, mixer truck etc.

But have you ever thought about: why HOWO trucks are so popular in Africa? This article is helpful for you to know more about the HOWO trucks and get more benefits from HOWO trucks for sale Africa.

Save Fuel

The HOWO trucks can achieve better fuel economy than other brand trucks. When you drive, the weight, aerodynamics, and efficient fuel system all contribute to saving you more fuel.

Other brand trucks sometimes use older, gas-guzzling engine models which are not focused on fuel economy. Inefficient gas mileage will cost you more fuel. It will also damage the environment by releasing harmful gases due to incomplete combustion.

European technology Engine and Cabin

The engine is the most important part of a truck when you plan to order a truck you should notice the engine most.

The engines of HOWO trucks combine the MAN and STEYR technology which have an excellent structure, high reliability, low speed and high torque and low fuel consumption. Make higher cost-performance.

The cabin of HOWO trucks Use European style, cool outward appearance, smooth lines. Use top Spray painting process, which can be same quality as the top car.

Other Features

Stronger power and chassis bearing capacity.

Stronger adaptability in terrible working conditions. More reliable diaphragm clutch

Better heat dissipation, keep longer lifespan.

HOWO trucks (like HOWO tractor truck,HOWO dump truck) are equipped with stable and modern structure and own many practical functions. Our advanced production technology and the best test equipment can make the Truck presents a reliable, stable and modern structure.

In general speaking, the Durable and high-economical is the most important reason that the HOWO trucks popular in Africa. It is also easily maintain than some used European and American brand trucks. If you have more interest, welcome to contact with us to get more details about HOWO trucks.


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