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Overview of the Hydraulic Multi Axle Modular Trailer | Benefits and Uses 2021-11-19

For long-distance road transport of oversized and abnormal cargo, multi-axle trailers and hydraulic platform trailers are used. Manufacturers rely on their equipment to produce high-quality goods. Technology is now defining how the manufacturing industry operates.

The best equipment, on the other hand, is usually bulky and heavy. 


Companies are always looking to invest in the best manufacturing technology, but transportation is a major hindrance. Transporting 5,000-ton equipment from one location to another is a significant challenge. It is impossible to transport it using standard trucks and semi-trailers. As a result, the transportation of such heavy loads necessitates the use of a heavy transport modular trailer.


Why Should You Use a Modular Trailer?

It's all due to the way it's designed to handle weights of this magnitude. A common self-propelled modular trailer is constructed with axles that run along and across its main loading frame. 


The axles are controlled by a computer and are placed side by side to form an axle line. The capacity of an SPMT is determined by its structure and brand. They are specifically designed to transport heavy cargo.


Some have few axle lines, whereas the largest modular transporters can have up to 300 axle lines. This is one of the characteristics that distinguish the use of a modular trailer. The modular trailer capacity allows for the lifting and transportation of the heaviest loads. As a result, a self-propelled modular trailer is the best choice for transporting 5000-ton equipment.


What are the potential uses?

Modular trailers can perform tasks that conventional trailers cannot. A modular trailer should ideally incorporate a variety of apparatus. Let's check out the major uses of this trailer in various industries. 

  • Ship Building Industry

Modular trailers are extremely useful for transporting ship sections to assembly halls and the entire ship to the sea. Ships are typically very heavy, weighing thousands of tones. The largest ships will require modular trailers with more than 200 axle lines. In some cases, the axles are placed side by side to aid in the transport of long and wide ship sections.


  • Construction Industry

Modular trailers are also used in the construction of bridges, large buildings, and roads. Large bridge segments and girders are loaded onto modular trailers from construction sites. Some of these modular trailers will be linked to crane arms that look like robots. These arms transfer bridge sections and massive girder sections from the transporter to the road section being built. 


Some construction concrete beans are too heavy to load and transport on a semi-trailer. Modular trailers come in handy in this situation to aid in the transportation of construction materials and equipment.

  • Wind Energy Industry

Many countries around the world have embraced wind energy to aid in the conservation of the environment and its natural resources. To accomplish this, very large equipment is used to facilitate wind tapping in order to generate energy for transmission. The modular trailer wheels designed for this application can navigate the roads all the way to the top.


  • Chemical Industry

Another application for modular trailers is the transportation of large chemical tanks. When loaded with chemicals, these tanks are typically large and heavy. It is nearly impossible and risky to handle them with semi-trailers. 

As a result, chemical tanks will require safe transportation methods, which is where modular trailers come in. As a result, modular trailers are primarily used in the chemical industry for safety and the bulkiness of the load in transit. The type of modular trailer used is determined by the size of the tank to be transported.


Wrapping up

The modular trailer has a variety of applications in a variety of industries, as highlighted in this article. Considering the modular trailer's capabilities, deciding on the type of trailer to use is much easier now.


Because of its built-in capacity to carry any load, this trailer is ideal for transporting heavy equipment and structures. It's unlikely that you'll be handling loads that these carriers can't handle.


Modular trailers are designed and built to transport the world's heaviest and bulkiest loads. The durability and capacity of each are determined by the brand that you choose for your application.
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